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Edie Barton at Upscale Furniture Consignments and Accessories in Fort Collins, Colorado

Edie Barton at Upscale Furniture Consignments


About Us:

Gently Used Furniture at Upscale Furniture Consignments


What makes Upscale Furniture Consignments unique?

Upscale Furniture Consignments is an “alternative resale boutique” in contrast to the warehouse traditional sales of used furniture. Our focus is to offer gently used high quality furnishings with an eclectic flair at bargin prices!

We stage Upscale Furniture Consignments with an array of ever changing eclectic furnishings received from consignors, model homes and estate sales.  Our motto is “No matchy-matchy!”  Every home should have at least one spotlight piece to create interest, conversation and personal style.  Let Upscale Furniture Consignments inspire you to move forward in finding new interest in your home.

Our purpose is to evoke JOY!  Upscale Furniture Consignments provides a smorgasbord of prices and styles for every taste and budget including original artwork, paintings, greeting cards and accessories.

We at Upscale Furniture Consignments invite you to relax and allow yourself to ponder and discover new possibility and change into your surroundings. Something as simple as a change of color, texture or form can make a welcomed new look!

Remember a tight budget should not prevent you from making the design statement you crave for your home.  Our intention is to offer fresh selections for our patrons by showcasing new art and furniture quarterly by means of an open house.

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